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My name is Jay and I am the creator and Head Chef of Jays Body Cafe. I have played around with mixing lotions and scents since I was a little girl. Of course at the time I had no idea what I was doing but I knew that I wanted something that smelled and felt great on my skin, which is the same principle my products are based on to this day along with the most important aspect of nurturing and giving back to the skin naturally. 

In 2006 I realized that the majority of the products I used and was spending my hard earned money on were overpriced and full of GUNK; and that inspired me to make my own personal products...well of course I couldn't just stop there so here I am!! I love whipping up skin food that's nurturing and delicious to the skin and FUN!    

With that being said, Welcome to the Cafe and I hope your skin enjoys its meal!


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